Conference Topics

The topics of interest but not limited to:

GNSS today and future

Emerging GNSS technologies are creating new signals, instruments, antennas, and new platforms that enable the collection of new data types and/or improve the resolution, accuracy, and precision of positioning. This topics including:

    • GNSS status - GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou
    • RNSS status - QZSS, IRNSS
    • GNSS algorithm and methods
    • GNSS receivers and antenna technologies and sensors
    • GNSS reference system and frames
    • GNSS Multi-Constellation Positioning, theory, and application
    • GNSS data acquisition and processing technique
    • GNSS Time and frequency transfer
    • GNSS Vulnerability

Positioning Technology and Applications

Advancing technology on positioning can help inform society regarding policies to manage natural and human resources, relate research advances to societal impacts and benefits for human development. This topics including:

    • PPP and RTK
    • Intelligence transport system
    • Air, civil, and Maritime navigation
    • Unmanned vehicle
    • Geospatial Big Data management and infrastructures
    • Structural monitoring
    • High accuracy software GNSS on demand
    • Environment and survey applications
    • Emerging market and opportunities

Atmosphere, Climate, and Weather

The climate system is composed of various components, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere, and the biosphere. This topic will highlight the scientific advancements in research dealing with climate variability, climate change and climate change impacts, global to local scales to future climate projections. This topics including:

    • Observation, modelling, and forecasting
    • Model Development and testing
    • Climate process physic, modelling, and monitoring

Indoor and Urban Navigation

Advances in geosciences can help inform society regarding policies to manage natural resources and to better prepare and respond to challenges that arise due to Indoor and urban condition. These sessions relate research advances to societal impacts, societal benefits, and ways to enhance social interactions. This topics including:

    • Indoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping
    • Integrated navigation and algorithm
    • Location-based services
    • Navigation maps and building model
    • Sensor-based navigation

Geodynamics and Natural Hazard

Geodynamics and natural hazards are frequently observed. Hazards are associated with Earth systems, impacting all kinds of life, environment, ecology, climate, and resources. Geodynamics and Hazards topic provide new insights to understand the physics of all kinds of extreme events and hazards and their impacts on day-to-day life, monitoring, planned new observations, new tools to explore ways and means to predict associated hazards, to save lives and minimize losses. This topics including:

    • Tectonics movement
    • Deformation monitoring (land subsidence and landslide)
    • Geodynamics effect on reference frames
    • Earthquake hazard and risk
    • Geohazard early warning system