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No Abstract Title Author Institution Country Sub Topics Date Submitted (Server Time)
1 A Satellite Selection Algorithm Based on chaotic particle swarm optimization for a Multi constellation GNSS Receiver Ershen WangErshen WangChinaHigh accuracy software GNSS on demand2018-04-08 09:00:48
2 SEVEN DAYS IN CHILE - IMPACT OF THE 2011 PUYEHUE-CORDON CAULLE VOLCANIC ERUPTION ON THE GPS IONOSPHERIC DELAY Oliver JukicOliver JukicCroatiaAir, civil, and Maritime navigation2018-05-25 17:34:54
3 Robust Positioning Performance in Indoor Environments Allison KealyAllison KealyAustriaIntegrated navigation and algorithm2018-06-04 10:27:03
4 Trilateration Approaches for Indoor Wi-Fi Positioning Guenther RetscherGuenther RetscherAustriaIndoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping2018-06-07 08:49:49
5 Climate Comfort Analysis for Tourism in Samosir District ADHITYO HARYADIADHITYO HARYADIIndonesiaObservation, modelling, and forecasting2018-06-09 08:19:39
6 GNSS Research at GFZ, the German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam Harald SchuhGerman Research Center for Geoscienes, GFZ, PotsdamGermanyGNSS algorithm and methods2018-07-13 08:15:53
7 The Study of Position Accuracy Using Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Method In Perspective of Indonesian National Standard of Horizontal Reference Network Rasyad Abdul AzisDepartment of Geodetic Engineering, Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung, IndonesiaIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-07-14 07:16:48
8 Improving Detection Performance of Ionospheric Disturbances due to Earthquake by Optimization of Sequential Measurement Combination Seonho KangSeoul National UniversityKorea, Republic ofEarthquake hazard and risk2018-07-16 10:42:32
9 PDR and ORB-SLAM integration for indoor navigation applications using smartphone Dinh Thuan LeNational Cheng Kung University, TaiwanTaiwan, Province of ChinaIndoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping2018-07-17 16:52:04
10 Low-speed Autonomous Vehicle for Campus Delivery Application Sai HuHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong KongUnmanned vehicle2018-07-18 05:47:45
11 Feature Coordinate Estimation By Time Differenced Vision, GPS and INS Yu Dam LeeKorea Aerospace UniversityKorea, Republic ofEnvironment and survey applications2018-07-19 01:40:32
12 Respective Statistical Analysis of the Correlation between Scintillation Parameters and MP and ROTI Craig M HancockUniversity of Nottingham Ningbo ChinaChinaGNSS status - GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou2018-07-19 11:47:47
13 Applying GNSS-Reflectometry for ocean wind retrieval under typhoon condition using simulated Delay-Doppler Maps Quang-Huy LuHydrological and Oceanic SciencesTaiwan, Province of ChinaModel Development and testing2018-07-20 03:08:01
14 Navigation System Performance Enhancement Using IMM Filtering for Dealing with Time Varying Satellite Signal Quality Dah-Jing JwoNational Taiwan Ocean UniversityTaiwan, Province of ChinaIntegrated navigation and algorithm2018-07-20 03:34:42
15 Stereo visual-inertial odometry with an online calibration and its field testing Jae Hyung JungDepartment of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, Republic of KoreaKorea, Republic ofIntegrated navigation and algorithm2018-07-20 06:50:40
16 iGMAS clock products combination strategy and performance evaluation with recent three-year data Tianhe XuInstitute of Space Science, Shandong UniversityChinaHigh accuracy software GNSS on demand2018-07-20 08:05:41
17 A New Method for Converting Slant Ionospheric Delays to Vertical for SBAS Ionospheric Corrections BongKwan ChoiSchool of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering , Seoul National UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS algorithm and methods2018-07-20 08:52:01
18 Autonomous Base Station Placement for Localization of the GNSS Interference Source Sun Young KimSeoul National UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS Vulnerability2018-07-20 09:52:35
19 Mapping of Landslide Using Geographic Information System in Batam Island Arif RoziqinPoliteknik Negeri BatamIndonesiaDeformation monitoring (land subsidence and landslide)2018-07-20 11:12:54
20 Combined BDS and GPS single-frequency precise point positioning based on zone corrections Wang AhaoCollege of Surveying and Geo-Informatics in Tong ji University and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory in Chinese Academy of SciencesChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-20 15:33:02
21 Carrier Smoothing of Code Pseudo-ranges in Aiding the Real-Time Cycle Slip Detection and Repair for Un-differenced GNSS Triple-frequency Signals Lingdong Meng1 College of Surveying and Geo-Informatics, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China 2Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200030, ChinaChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-21 01:28:43
22 Accuracy assessment of GPT2w model in Antarctica Shuaimin WangInstitute of Space Science, Shandong UniversityChinaModel Development and testing2018-07-21 02:29:11
23 Network-based RTK Performance for Drone Navigation Tae-Suk BaeSejong UniversityKorea, Republic ofPPP and RTK2018-07-21 03:10:01
24 Analysis of Comparing Sea Water Level Using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Co-tidal in Java Sea Khariz SyaputraInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberIndonesiaEnvironment and survey applications2018-07-21 04:19:42
25 A Design of GPU-Based Non-coherent Signal Tracking Module for Real-time GNSS SDR Jong-Il ParkChungbuk National UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS algorithm and methods2018-07-21 12:07:05
26 Features Detection for Autonomous Vehicle based on Automatic Methods Jhih-Cing ZengNational Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwan, Province of ChinaEnvironment and survey applications2018-07-21 12:48:21
27 Indoor positioning image-based aided by Artificial Neural Networks Mei-Chin,HungNational Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwan, Province of ChinaIndoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping2018-07-21 12:49:05
28 Performance Evaluation of a Multi Radio Integrated Navigation System using a Modeling Simulation Software Design Method Heyone KimDepartment of Electronics Engineering Chungnam National UniversityKorea, Republic ofEnvironment and survey applications2018-07-21 12:59:42
29 Multi-Thread Based Design of a Navigation Algorithm Module in Multi-Radio Integrated Navigation System Modeling Simulation Software Jae Hoon SonDepartment of Electronics Engineering Chungnam National UniversityKorea, Republic ofEnvironment and survey applications2018-07-21 13:00:01
30 A Design of Anti-jamming Method Based on Spectrum Sensing and GNSS Software Defined Radio Kwi Woo ParkChungbuk National UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS receivers and antenna technologies and sensors2018-07-21 14:42:57
31 Method comparison of real-time detection of anomalies for GNSS Satellite Clock Bin WangShanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS, Shanghai, ChinaChinaGNSS Time and frequency transfer2018-07-21 14:59:06
32 Latest GNSS Signal in Space Developments - GPS, QZSS and the new Beidou 3 under examination Steffen ThoelertGerman Aerospace Center, DLRGermanyGNSS data acquisition and processing technique2018-07-21 15:18:48
33 Evaluation on the Use of OEM GNSS Receiver for Land Parcel Mapping Dedi AtunggalUniversitas Gadjah Mada, Sekolah Tinggi Pertanahan NasionalIndonesiaGNSS Multi-Constellation Positioning, theory, and application2018-07-21 16:00:54
34 Determination and Measurement of Horizontal Control Points 2nd Order Using Relative Static Method Oktavianto GustinPoliteknik Negeri BatamIndonesiaEnvironment and survey applications2018-07-21 16:01:24
35 PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS ON TIME DIFFERENCED CARRIER PHASE WITH LOOSELY COUPLED INS GNSS INTEGRATION IN GNSS HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS Yu Hua LiNational Cheng Kung UniveristyTaiwan, Province of ChinaHigh accuracy software GNSS on demand2018-07-21 16:01:26
36 The Performance analysis of GPS Radar integrated navigation system Gwang Hee JoChungnam National UniversityKorea, Republic ofIntegrated navigation and algorithm2018-07-21 16:32:48
37 Performance analysis of stand-alone GPS and BDS by using the dual frequency receiver Jae Hee NohChungnam National UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS receivers and antenna technologies and sensors2018-07-21 16:46:58
38 A GPS multipath mitigation technique using correlators with variable chip spacing Jin Hyuk LeeChungnam National UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS receivers and antenna technologies and sensors2018-07-21 16:47:08
39 Development of GNSS Receiver for Mobile CORS with RTK Correction Services Using Cloud Server Parluhutan ManurungGeospatial Information Agency and PT Luwes Inovasi MandiriIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-07-22 11:09:24
40 Assessment of Different Stochastic Models for Inter System Bias Nan JiangShandong UniversityChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-22 15:32:52
41 Assessment of Different Stochastic Models for Inter System Bias Nan Jiang, Yan XuShandong UniversityChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-22 15:37:41
42 Multi-Constellation Combined Precise Point Positioning Based on the Equivalence Principle Yan XuShandong UniversityChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-22 15:44:13
43 Survey of Cycle Slip Detection and Correction Techniques for Real Time Kinematic Positioning Using Single Frequency GNSS Receivers Salma Zainab FarooqBeihang UniversityChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-26 05:29:03
44 Analysis of Remote Sensing Technique Using Water Supply Vegetation Index Method for Detecting Drought in Bekasi City in 2015 Amrih HalilDepartment of Geography, University of IndonesiaIndonesiaClimate process physic, modelling, and monitoring2018-07-30 09:12:07
45 Sensitivity Pattern of Drought Region In Bojonegoro Amrih HalilDepartment of Geography, University of IndonesiaIndonesiaClimate process physic, modelling, and monitoring2018-07-30 09:16:23
46 One improved step detection algorithm based on smartphone posture recognition with CNN Yaxin LiThe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong KongSensor-based navigation2018-08-02 07:52:28
47 OPTIMIZATION OF GROUND CONTROL POINT (GCP) AND INDEPENDENT CONTROL POINT (ICP) ON ORTHORECTIFICATION OF HIGH RESOLUTION SATELLITE IMAGERY Teguh HariyantoInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberIndonesiaIntegrated navigation and algorithm2018-08-09 12:38:08
48 Variability and Performance of Short to Long-Range Single Baseline RTK GNSS Positioning in Indonesia Irwan GumilarGeodesy Research Group, Institut Teknologi BandungIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-08-21 08:18:19
49 Analysis of ZUPT based PDR System with Dual Foot-mounted IMU Jae Hong LeeDept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, ASRIKorea, Republic ofIndoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping2018-08-23 04:24:28
50 Integration of Inertial Navigation System with EM-log Using H-infinity Filter Jaehyuck ChaSeoul National UniversityKorea, Republic ofAir, civil, and Maritime navigation2018-08-23 13:09:10
51 Integration of Inertial Navigation System with EM-log Using H-infinity Filter Jaehyuck ChaSeoul National UniversityKorea, Republic ofAir, civil, and Maritime navigation2018-08-23 13:09:43
52 Empowering National (Indonesia) CORS To Accelerate Land Parcel Mapping In Indonesia. T.Aris SunantyoGeodetic Department, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada UniversityIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-08-29 02:02:41
53 Establishing of the crustal velocity model, experience in regionnorthern vietnam Tham Bui Thi HongHanoi University of Natural Resources and EnvironmentViet NamTectonics movement2018-08-29 12:54:33
54 ANALYSIS OF THE VOLUME COMPARATION OF 3S (TS, GNSS and TLS) KhomsinITSIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-08-30 00:45:35
55 GNSS Accuracy Analysis for Efficiency of Ground Control Point Measurement KhomsinITSIndonesiaEnvironment and survey applications2018-08-30 00:56:10
56 Implementation of the Modeling and Simulation Software of Search and Rescue System based Korea Navigation Satellite System Incheol JeongElectronic Telecommunication Research InstitutesKorea, Republic ofAir, civil, and Maritime navigation2018-08-30 01:51:00
57 Real-Time Orbit Determination of Korean Navigation Satellite System based on Multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning Gimin KimYonsei UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS Multi-Constellation Positioning, theory, and application2018-08-30 15:03:33
58 An opportunity of Positioning Technology for Monitoring Socioeconomic Impacts resulting from a Rapid Development in Myanmar Satomi KimijimaYamaguchi UniversityJapanEmerging market and opportunities2018-08-31 02:28:33
59 Studi the capabilities of RTK Multi GNSS under forest canopy in regions of Indonesia Heri AndreasInstitute of Technology BandungIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-08-31 03:19:58
60 On the acceleration of land subsidence in Semarang city Indonesia as detected from GPS Surveys Heri AndreasInstitute of Technology BandungIndonesiaDeformation monitoring (land subsidence and landslide)2018-08-31 03:24:30
61 Integration of GNSS-IMU for increasing the observation accuracy in Condensed Areas (Infrastructure and Forest Canopies) Mokhamad Nur Cahyadi and Irene RwabudandiInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember ITS SurabayaIndonesiaGNSS status - GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou2018-08-31 05:57:30
62 Effect of the E6 signals in precise point positioning Ken HarimaRMIT UniversityAustraliaGNSS algorithm and methods2018-08-31 08:26:24
63 GPS Precise Point Positioning with Tomographic Water Vapor Model during Tropical Cyclone in Hong Kong Region Zhizhao LiuDepartment of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 181 Chatham Road South, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, P.R. ChinaHong KongObservation, modelling, and forecasting2018-08-31 08:35:33
64 GEOMETRICAL DEFORMATION ANALYSIS OF MERAPI VOLCANO AFTER ERUPTION IN 2010 Arinda PinastiDepartement of Geodetic Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada and Balai Penyelidikan dan Pengembangan Teknologi Kebencanaan GeologiIndonesiaGeohazard early warning system2018-08-31 10:08:13
65 Analysis of Total Electron Content Near Real Time Using Dual Frequancey GPS Data Study Case Surabaya Mokhamad Nur Cahyadi , Almas Nandityo Rahadyan, Atika sari, Buldan MuslimInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember SurabayaIndonesiaModel Development and testing2018-08-31 10:40:53
66 GNSS RTK Application to Determine Coastline Case Study at Northen Area of Sulawesi and Gorontalo Wahyudi NugrahaBadan Informasi GeospasialIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-08-31 10:48:35
67 ASSESSMENT OF INTEGRATED GNSS METHODS ON HEMISPHERE S321 RECEIVER OVER LAND AREA Irwan GumilarGeodesy Research Group, Institut Teknologi BandungIndonesiaPPP and RTK2018-08-31 12:16:27
68 Study of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Extraction using Stereo Radargrammetry TerraSAR-X in Madiun Area - Elevation Accuracy Improvement Inggit L. SariRemote Sensing Technology and Data Center, LAPANIndonesiaGeodynamics effect on reference frames2018-08-31 13:15:57
69 EARTHQUAKE MONITORING USING VARIOMETRIC GPS DATA PROCESSING Mokhamad Nur Cahyadi , Ririn Wuri Rahayu, Buldan Muslim and Atika SariInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember ITS SurabayaIndonesiaDeformation monitoring (land subsidence and landslide)2018-08-31 16:00:05
70 COMPARATIVE POINT DISPLACEMENT ANALYSIS OF SUMATERA CORS MONITORING NETWORK REFER TO ITRF2008 AND ITRF2014 Riska Fajrul Ummi, S.TUniversitas Gadjah MadaIndonesiaDeformation monitoring (land subsidence and landslide)2018-08-31 16:15:54
71 TIME SERIES OF LANDSUBSIDENCE RATE ON COASTAL DEMAK USING GPS CORS UDIP AND DINSAR B.D. YuwonoDiponegoro UnivesityIndonesiaDeformation monitoring (land subsidence and landslide)2018-09-01 02:42:08
72 Study on Search and Rescue System for Military and Civil use by using COSPAS SARSAT and Terrestrial Communication Network Sanguk LeeElectronics Telecommunication Research InstituteKorea, Republic ofEmerging market and opportunities2018-09-02 04:02:31
73 The Error Propagation Analysis of Three-dimensional Position Using Wall Resection Method in Underground Grasberg Block Caving (UGBC) Mine Anshar AjatasatruPT Freeport IndonesiaIndonesiaEnvironment and survey applications2018-09-09 00:58:14

Poster Presentation Category

No Abstract Title Author Institution Country Sub Topics Date Submitted (Server Time)
1 Low-cost single frequency continuously stations densify CORS to study detail crustal deformation- a case study of the Longitudinal Valley Fault in Taiwan Horng-Yue ChenHorng-Yue ChenTaiwan, Province of ChinaTectonics movement2018-06-22 00:39:49
2 Navigation Positioning Assisted with Virtual Ranges to the Obstructed Satellites C.C. ChangC.C. ChangTaiwan, Province of ChinaIndoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping2018-06-22 05:11:06
3 Variation of Precipitable Water Vapor derived from GNSS CORS Observations in Thailand Paramee MeunramDepartment of Survey Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn UniversityThailandObservation, modelling, and forecasting2018-07-02 05:19:43
4 A New On-The-Move Integer Ambiguity Determination Method for Precise Positioning of Highly Maneuvering Ground Vehicles Jong-Hwa JeonAgency for Defense DevelopmentKorea, Republic ofPPP and RTK2018-07-07 12:33:27
5 Geodetic Height Tracking of Sea Level in the West of Java Sea, Indonesia - A Preliminary Assessment PoerbandonoGeodesy and Geomatics Engineering - Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology Institut Teknologi BandungIndonesiaAir, civil, and Maritime navigation2018-07-10 23:25:29
6 Adjustment of Heterogeneous GNSS CORS Networks in Korea for Geodetic Coordinate Determination Dinh Huy NguyenChangwon National University, KoreaKorea, Republic ofEnvironment and survey applications2018-07-13 06:50:21
7 Performance evaluation on GNSS, wheel speed sensor, yaw rate sensor, and gravity sensor integrated positioning algorithm for automotive navigation system Joong-hee HanDGISTKorea, Republic ofIndoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping2018-07-18 04:13:21
8 Design and Performance Assessment of Window Functions for Mitigation of Spectrum Leakage Dah-Jing JwoNational Taiwan Ocean UniversityTaiwan, Province of ChinaGNSS algorithm and methods2018-07-20 05:23:34
9 Ionospheric Correction and Monitoring for Korea Positioning System (KPS) Jungmin JooKorea Aeorospace Research InstituteKorea, Republic ofModel Development and testing2018-07-20 05:42:11
10 Performance Analysis of Mobile Gravimetry Using Land Vehicle Cheng-An LinDepartment of Geomatics, National Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwan, Province of ChinaGeodynamics effect on reference frames2018-07-20 10:24:55
11 Visual-Based Absolute Navigation System Applied to a Simulation of Lunar Module Landing Yi-Ting TienNational Cheng Kung University Department of GeomaticsTaiwan, Province of ChinaUnmanned vehicle2018-07-20 11:42:48
12 Triple Frequency Ambiguity Resolution Method for Network RTK Reference Stations Sunkyoung YuSchool of Mecahnical and Aerospace Engineering and the SNU-IAMD, Seoul National UniversityKorea, Republic ofPPP and RTK2018-07-21 00:33:46
13 multi-GNSS induced performance enhancements in constrained environments Wenzhe WangNational Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwan, Province of ChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-21 06:04:44
14 GPS Holdover Performance of an UFIR Filter with Filter Lengths According to q-parameters Young Kyu LeeKRISSKorea, Republic ofGNSS Vulnerability2018-07-21 11:23:21
15 Study of Ionospheric Disturbances Due to Tsunami By Using The VARION Algorithm Dyah R MartiningrumLAPANIndonesiaGeohazard early warning system2018-07-21 12:25:57
16 GPS GLONASS BDS Galileo QZSS multi GNSS induced performance enhancements in constrained environments Wenzhe WangNational Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwan, Province of ChinaPPP and RTK2018-07-21 13:25:21
17 Evaluation of Clock Steering Algorithms for Remote Time Keeping System Sang-wook HwangKorea Research Institute of Standards and ScienceKorea, Republic ofGNSS Time and frequency transfer2018-07-21 19:27:54
18 Performance of TPC based ranging signal for more than 2 services multiplexing Jae Min AhnChungnam National UniversityKorea, Republic ofGNSS algorithm and methods2018-07-22 08:57:03
19 DETERMINING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VIETNAMESE GEODETIC DATUM VN2000 AND INTERNATIONAL TERRESTRIAL REFERENCE SYSTEM ITRS, WGS84 AND PZ90 Pham Thi HoaHanoi University of Natural Resources and EnvironmentViet NamGNSS status - GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou2018-08-30 08:34:06
20 Designing Control Point and Check Point Measurement Using GNSS Concept to Obtain Land Use Map by UAV-Photogrammetry Method S. HendriatiningsihInstitut Teknologi BandungIndonesiaEnvironment and survey applications2018-08-31 05:58:59
21 Land Subsidence Monitoring in Surabaya by using GPS Survey Campaign and Time-Series InSAR Processing Ira Mutiara AnjasmaraInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberIndonesiaDeformation monitoring (land subsidence and landslide)2018-08-31 07:51:28
22 Analyze Angle of the Camera Payload LSU-02 in Mission of Aerial Photo Operation SunarLAPANIndonesiaEnvironment and survey applications2018-08-31 08:11:13
23 Time-Frequency Jamming Detection in a GNSS Receiver Seokjun HongCollage of Electrical, Computer Engineering, Chungbuk National University, KoreaKorea, Republic ofGNSS status - GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou2018-08-31 08:19:56
24 The Effect of Highway Vibration to The Hills Slope Stability By An Integrated GPS-Vibration Data Processing Achmad Ruchlihadiana TisnasendjajaGeodesy Department, Faculty of Technic, Winaya Mukti University, Jl. Pahlawan no. 69 Bandung 40123, West Java, IndonesiaIndonesiaEnvironment and survey applications2018-08-31 13:33:27
25 Real time Monitoring of Temporal Ionospheric Variability and Displament Velocity Estimation Using GNSS Variometric Buldan MuslimLAPANIndonesiaStructural monitoring2018-08-31 17:20:48
26 GNSS array antenna for mitigating multipath errors in urban environment Toshiaki TsujiiOsaka Prefecture UniversityJapanIndoor/personal/urban navigation and mapping2018-09-06 07:22:18